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Diplomacy key is a full-service auto electronic key solution company committed to helping people achieve their goals with keys and all their parts/accessories.

Our story started ,To be the #1 on the world.

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Why you should choose us: We free ship in UAE for all order above 100$. Save even more with free shipping on many orders. You can pay by Visa, Master Card or PayPal anytime anywhere. Choose the best method that suitable for you with no more cost. If you are in UAE, you will receive your order in 24 hours after you confirm purchasing. Other places, the takes 5-7 working days. We guarantee 100% about our quality of products. The details of each item is specific defined on description. Your problems are our business, just call us and we will be with you as soon as possible. Easiest, fastest shopping online market you can ever visit where we can find whatever you want whenever you want 24/7 with the most secure payment ways.

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